We Focus on Full Body Circuits That Burns 9 times more Fat & Saves Time

Time is something you don't have; so why create stress with long workouts when short intense workouts are more effective for fat burning. Full body circuits that work the entire body burn more calories and fat during and after the workouts.

Boot Camp Michigan vs. The Gym

The average person does 45 minutes on the Treadmill, Elliptical, and Bicycle then another 30 minutes on some form of dumbbell machine to build muscle. The problem with this is that (Aerobic) Cardio burns valuable muscle, which explains why when people lose weight they start to get saggy skin & then want to tone. It's best to do it our way by doing anaerobic workouts that spare the muscle (your curves) and burn nothing but pure fat. Even if you do the Aerobics that burns muscle and do the weights & machine to build muscle, you're contradicting yourself & wasting your time.

Switch from Lame Cardio to Boot Camp's Fat Burning Cardio Intervals

We have heard many of our clients training with weights (resistance training) 3-4 times a week, cardio (Aerobic ) 5-7 times a week with a trainer with barely no results. Its quality (Anaerobic) cardio and not quantity (Aerobic) that burns fat. Compare 45 minutes of aerobic cardio which burns 300-400 calories with 20 minutes of Boot Camp Michigan's anaerobic cardio that burns anywhere from 500-600 calories, and continues to keep the metabolism high for the next 30+ hours. Sounds like a no brainer.

Focus on Fat Loss Exercises vs. Body Part Training

Isolating movements focusing on one body part is a waste of time when considering fat Loss. If your goal is major fat loss and big time toning and definition then training with Boot Camp Michigan and our fat loss exercises is your fastest ticket to a fabulous body. Add overhead presses to your squats, add knee-ins to your ball push-ups, and add reverse lunges to your cable rows. The more muscles you engage while doing an exercise the more fat you burn. The more fat you burn the more toned you look all over not just your arms or back or abs.