Boot Camp Michigan

Boot Camp Michigan is a whole body training program customized to meet your individual needs and deliver ACTUAL RESULTS. This is a fun way to train because we offer over 100 variable routines with strength and cardio combinations to prevent plateaus and boredom. Our fitness program includes nutritional counseling, helps with rehabilitation of injuries, and accelerates your body’s burning ability. At Boot Camp Michigan our motivational training and tools are great for all fitness levels.

Our Trainers

Carlo De Vinci

"One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that 2 weeks ago your body couldn't do what it just did."


I am Carlo De Vinci, owner of Boot Camp Michigan. The C in Carlo stands for COMMITTED; my staff and I are committed to helping each one of our clients achieve optimum health. Boot Camp Michigan is the No Shame Zone. While at Boot Camp Michigan, you will learn how to build the ABCs of Health (Attitude, Build, and Cleanse). Your personal results will speak for themselves and prove there is a BIG difference in the Boot Camp Michigan workouts. Through the Boot Camp Trainers, you will be taught techniques that will optimize your workout for burning maximum Fat-Loss and creating Leaner Muscle Tone. Boot Camp Michigan is result driven, supports nutrition, and guarantees to help each client reach his or her full potential health. We at Boot Camp Michigan are committed to our client’s optimum health and overall wellness. My personal desire is for each client to be a multi-faceted and well-balanced individual.

Antonio Andrews

"Your going to love looking in the mirror; and your body will thank you for it every time you do"


Hi I am Toni Andrews; I am an Executive Trainer here at BCM. I want you to know your journey is personal. The trainers who work here at BCM have first-hand experience on what it takes to be fit and have worked this program. Our personal fitness journey is proof that what we do here works. We’re not talking the talk because have walked the walk. The journey to optimum health ourselves is personal. We are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals and we want you to dominate your life with optimum fitness techniques you won’t find anywhere else. If you have been there and done that with no results you have come to the right place! I look forward to your success!


"You hold the power to change your life by making the right decisions."


I am a fitness enthusiast focusing on wellness, overall health and well being. I am excited to assist our clients with their fitness goals. I believe in working smarter not harder. Our total body program will help you see results. Be prepared to be energized and renewed.


"Give it all you got and you'll get the results you want."


I'm high energy, a great motivator, and excited about helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Since I've been with Boot Camp Michigan, I've helped 100's of clients achieve there fitness goals, by helping them with strength, endurance, and body sculpting without muscle bulk. I believe in achieving better overall health. Working in the fitness industry challenges me to stay healthy and empowers me to help anyone with a desire to be fit and healthy.